4 Tricks to Make Handcuffing a Great Adventure in Bed

We all love a little adventure in bed, don't we? To escape the monotony of daily life, you're probably one of those who look to enjoy a good time with the company of an escort in Widnes. And if you're thinking about exploring the world of BDSM on your next night out with the Widnes escort of your choice, you might want to keep these four tricks in mind:

Invest in the right handcuffs.

While getting a little bruise may be part of BDSM for some, you still need to be cautious when using handcuffs with Widnes escorts to ensure that no one is hurt in the process. So, your first order of business should be to choose soft cuffs, especially if you're using them for the first time with cheap Widnes escorts. Never buy cheap metal cuffs as they easily get stuck and may even cause cuts to the wrist.

Pick a comfortable position.

There are many positions that you can explore with handcuffs, but you need to pick one that's comfortable to your escort Widnes and not hurting her. You can have her hands tied in front of her, behind her back, above her head or on the bedposts. Whatever position you desire, make sure that she's tied properly and safely so no injuries will happen.

Always communicate during sex.

Widnes cheap escorts may have vast experience in BDSM, but they still need to be re-assured during your time in bed together. Talk to your Widnes escort and tell her exactly what you're going to do next so she can prepare for it and voice out any concerns she might have. Remember that while you're paying her for pleasure, you're still dealing with a girl who has feelings, so make sure to treat her with respect throughout the process.

Take your time.

Some men may be in so much hurry to satisfy their urge that they miss the real fun of hiring an escort in Widnes. During your time together, try to explore different positions with the use of handcuffs to know which ones are the most pleasurable to you both. For instance, you can handcuff her wrists in front so she still has access to her pleasure spots while you're driving her. Or you can tie her wrists behind her back so you can control her arms while thrusting. Take your time and experience pleasure like you never had before.

Are you ready to get started with those handcuffs?